Subscription Management

Endless possibilities to open market segments


Creating opportunities

Keeping the consumer engaged and removing barriers

The award winning platform processes and manages all possible subscription types.

A subscription may consist of any of the following:

  • Buy item outright
  • Rent item for a period of time
  • Subscribe to entire media channel/property
  • Subscribe to a category within publication/media channel
  • Subscribe to an artist/brand/author/journalist
  • Subscribe to a content area for a limited time period ( Sporting Events )
  • Subscribe to a bundle, box set, series
  • Subscribe to content from multiple properties ( Sports from property 1, News & Documentaries from property 2 )
  • Combine subscriptions from app stores ( Apple, Google Play )
  • Subscribe to Podcasts, audio streams

  • Other options are available including:

  • Day passes
  • Archive access
  • One off purchase
  • Promotional codes

  • This is all controlled through our layered content rules, which gives the content owner the ability to create and manage multiple sales channels with ease.

    Using point of origin tracking we determine the following:

  • Device Type ( Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, Box Set, TV, Games Console, App, Other )
  • Geolocation ( Country, State, City, Town )
  • Referrer ( Social, Search, Competitor, Internal, Email, any URL )
  • Ad-Block Status

  • To deliver custom bundles or offers directly to specific channels and sell individual components of the subscription to market segments which have yet to subscribe.

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