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Secure global payments for every market


Global currencies & mobile carrier billing

Increase your revenue with payment options built to reach a global audience and optimize checkout conversion

Flip-Pay accepts all major debit and credit cards

debit cards

We partner with Stripe for seemless payments and advanced AML and fraud detection, lowering your administration costs and system complexity.

Apple Pay / Pay With Google for rapid mobile payments is included as default, enabling a completely frictionless experience for the consumer and a higher acquisition rate for the publisher.

The platform can also integrate with any other 3rd party payment providers as required.

Mobile Carrier Billing

Flip-Pay provides mobile carrier billing for penetrating markets where debit and credit card adoption is low. This can be run in parallel with a traditional debit/credit card based solution.


We have an industry leading digital mobile wallet solution, designed to faciliate micropayments.

Micropayments can be deployed by publishers looking to enable content snacking and pay-per-view content, or pay-as-you-go streaming and even for use within gaming. Micropayments can be deployed along side traditional subscription models and used to target demographics where a subscription is not desirable. One of the many unique elements Flip-Pay has over legacy paywall providers, is the granular sales options available to your business.


To protect the publisher and maintain the highest possible security standards, Flip-Pay does not store payment information on our systems. We operate a token exchange with the payment provider that allows us to process recurring subscriptions without risk.

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