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Flip-Pay operates an advanced Identity Management Platform which integrates with nearly all third party vendor ID solutions.

The primary function of our identity product is to act as unification bridge between multiple properties, giving the content owner the ability to significantly reduce friction and to cross-sell content between properties within the group.

A subscriber to the Flip-Pay identity service will automatically become a member of the second title’s ID system by way of a two-way handshake. Effectively, once a user has joined one property, they can be automatic members of all others within the publishers group. This significantly reduces the amount of time a user must spend registering to access content and allows the content owner to create new offers/bundles that include content from sister publications.

This is one of the most powerful elements of the Flip-Pay platform and key to its ease of use from a consumer perspective, aiding in revenue generation.

Flip-Pay integrates automatically with the following:


And any other OAuth2 third party solution.*

*We can also create custom connectors for proprietary systems on request.

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