Empower your customer service agents

Powerful CS Agent tools

Flip-Pay has a comprehensive customer support help desk solution built into the platform.

Our customer support helpdesk allows you to to directly engage with a customers account and perform the following actions upon it.

  • Upgrade to a new package
  • Downgrade to a lower package
  • Issues full or partial refunds
  • Cancel subscriptions
  • Stop subscriptions
  • Apply multi-month discounts
  • Change renewal date
  • Change customers email address
  • View payment history
  • View email communications
  • Create support tickets
  • View subscription history
  • View customer activity (times, devices, location)
  • Telesales - take telephone purchases
  • Manage print delivery holidays
  • GDPR Right to be forgotten
  • GDPR data export
  • Change delivery address
  • Update payment method
  • Suspend email notifications (Account maintenance)

Customer service agents can directly manage a customers account directly from the publisher portal.

We also have a fully functioning ticketing solution, this enable customer service agents to log a support ticket, that a customer support supervisor can manage from their own console. Tickets can be updated and ammended.

With the joined up data analytics within the Flip-Pay system, we also track customer service actions on accounts and actions that lead to a saved customer. This is invaluable data for customer retention.

All actions of customer service agents are logged and a complete audit history can be presented if necessary

The Flip-Pay customer service help desk empowers your staff to deal with any support issue with an easy to use tool that requires minimal training.