Content Monetization

Providing you with exponential flexibility in revenue generation


Dynamic revenue generation

Create new markets for your content and remove barriers

Flip-Pay gives you the flexibility to monetize your content in different ways.

Unlike legacy paywall solutions where the paywall is up or down with a fixed monthly cost, the Flip-Pay solution allows the publisher to create new market segments and sell some or all of your content to customers who wouldn't otherwise have subscribed.

The platform can sell any combination of products from a single individual item, right through to complex packages at a targeted demographic. The Flip-Pay platform is an advanced content monetisation engine for digital media. The service can be deployed on video, streaming services, news, classifieds, magazines, podcasts, music and more.

Flip-Pay offers the content owner an efficient and endlessly scalable platform in which to base their international sales upon. Everything is supplied as a service, from conditional access, payment processing, customer service modules, finance reporting, third party API integration, recommendations, content tagging, natural language processing and much more, in a rapidly deployable and intuitive to use tool set.

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