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Digiday awards 12th November 2020


Flip-Pay are the winners of the 2020 DigiDay Technology Awards - Best Subscription Platform

12th November 2020

The Flip-Pay team were delighted to win the award for best subscription platform. We are an engineering focused company with innovation baked into our DNA, so it meant everything to us to receive international recognition as best in class paywall technology, especially as we were up against our peers.

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SpotX, Klaviyo and Flip-Pay are Digiday Technology Awards winners - 14th November 2020

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About Flip-Pay

Flip-Pay is an Irish technology company based in the IFSC, Dublin. Established in 2015 to rethink content monetisation in a world where print and advertising revenues were declining, the three founders, Paul McCarthy-Brain, Martin Horecky and Eoin Gollogley, with investment from Irish financier Dermot Desmond, spent the first couple of years in pure research and development mode, looking specifically at the limitations of traditional paywall solutions and working with a number of high profile global publishers to understand the challenges faced.

The problem with legacy paywall solutions is that they are difficult and expensive to deploy, offering a poor user experience for the consumer and they require the publisher to purchase lots of other tools to get the job done making it an expensive proposition.

Flip-Pay developed the world’s most granular and flexible cloud-based content monetisation engine that can be deployed quickly and utilised on any digital medium including news, podcast, video, live streaming and much more. The platform allows the publisher to move far beyond simply deploying a paywall to pay for access, by creating casual products that target different audiences and increasing revenue opportunities.

Since Covid-19, the company has seen a dramatic amount of interest in its solutions from news organisations and digital publishers from around the world and its client base is expanding.

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Flip-Pay is a trademark of International Micro Payment Ventures Ltd. Company number 612805, Registered in Ireland.